Dabeaz LLC is a small company focused on education, technical writing, and independent software research. It is operated by David Beazley, a computer scientist and former university professor who is probably most known as the author of the Python Essential Reference (Addison-Wesley) and the Python Cookbook (O'Reilly Media). Dabeaz LLC primarily offers intermediate to advanced level training courses to individuals and corporate clients.

Upcoming Events

Advanced Python Mastery

August 6-10, 2018.
In Chicago with David Beazley

The ultimate course for programmers who want to move beyond small scripts into the land of libraries, frameworks, and large applications. More...

Practical Python Programming

September 10-14, 2018, 2018.
In Chicago with David Beazley

An introduction to Python for programmers, scientists, and engineers who want to use Python to solve all manner of practical problems. More...

Reinventing the Parser Generator

May 11-13, 2018. Cleveland, Ohio

David Beazley will talking about efforts to bring the PLY parser generator into the future through the use of advanced metaprogramming magic. It will be fun.


The Python Programming Language

Published: August, 2016

In this highly rated video training, David Beazley covers the essential features of Python programming through a series of practical programming examples. The course provides programmers with an accelerated introduction to the essential parts of Python. Those with some previous Python experience will benefit from being exposed to modern Python style and programming idioms used by experienced programmers.