Dabeaz LLC is a small company focused on education, technical writing, and independent software research. It is operated by David Beazley, a computer scientist and former university professor who is most known in the Python community as the author of the Python Essential Reference (Addison-Wesley) and the Python Cookbook (O'Reilly Media). Dabeaz LLC primarily offers intermediate to advanced level training courses to individuals and corporate clients.

Upcoming Events

Advanced Python Mastery

March 12-16, 2018.
In Chicago with David Beazley

So you learned Python from an online tutorial, a training course, or from a book, but you want to learn the secrets of the framework builders and the library writers. Then this is the course for you. Designed for working programmers who want to take their understanding to a whole new level, you'll learn what really makes Python tick under the covers and how you can harness its power in your own applications. Major themes of the course include the data model, object oriented programming, metaprogramming, and "Pythonic" thinking as Dave takes you on a journey of building a small data validation framework. Along the way, you'll visit most of Python's advanced features including classes, magic methods, descriptors, closures, decorators, metaclasses, iterators, coroutines, and more.

Practical Python Programming

March 19-23, 2018.
In Chicago with David Beazley

An intense class on the core Python programming language with a focus on applying Python to problems in data analysis, automation, and scripting. This course assumes no prior experience with Python, but assumes that participants already know how to program in another programming language. Core topics include Python data manipulation, file I/O, functions, modules, error handling, classes, and generators. The course includes more than 40 hands-on exercises and 450 presentation slides.

Python Data Handling - A Deeper Dive

January 26, 2018.
Live: Online on O'Reilly Safari

Manipulating data is a core part of writing almost any Python program. To represent data, Python provides a small collection of built-in types such as lists, sets, dictionaries, and classes. Additionally, there are useful objects in the standard collections module that are commonly used to solve a variety of data-related problems. Finally, there are third party libraries such as numpy and Pandas that provide additional data handling resources.

In this live training, you'll take a deeper look at data representation in Python. Topics will include performance tradeoffs, common programming idioms, and details about Python’s underlying object model.


The Python Programming Language

Published: August, 2016

In this highly rated video training, David Beazley covers the essential features of Python programming through a series of practical programming examples. David assumes you are a programmer, familiar with central programming concepts such as control flow, functions, and data structures. The course provides programmers with an accelerated introduction to the essential parts of Python. Those with some previous Python experience will benefit from being exposed to modern Python style and programming idioms used by experienced programmers. Each lesson covers a “big idea” rather than taking an exhaustive, reference-style approach. In each lesson David addresses a specific, practical problem and demonstrates the solution through code. He explains the steps taken and why he is taking a particular approach.