I am the creator of several open-source software libraries and development tools. The following projects are currently active.


Curio is the concurrency framework for Python 3 that pushes Python's new async/await features in a whole new direction. Although it's obstensibly about asynchronous I/O, Curio is so much more.


SWIG is wrapper generation tool that automatically connects existing C/C++ code to a wide variety of other programming languages including Python, Perl, Tcl, Java, C#, and many others. It is included in most Linux distributions and is one of the most commonly used tools binding C++ code to dynamic programming languages


PLY is a 100% Python implementation of the popular parsing tools Lex and Yacc. It is currently one of the fastest, most robust, and thoroughly documented parsing libraries available for Python.

Just for Fun

Some special purpose modules I've created for my own amusement.


In the past, I have worked a variety of other projects including graphics libraries, an embedded web-server library, and a Python extension debugger called WAD. I am not actively maintaining these projects at this time, but send me email if you want more information.