On-site Training

Dabeaz, LLC offers the following training courses which can be taught on-site or in a virtual format. They are also offered on an ongoing basis in Chicago.

About The Course Materials

These courses have been developed by David Beazley, a 22-year Python programming veteran and author of the "Python Essential Reference, 4th Ed." (Addison-Wesley) and the "Python Cookbook, 3rd Ed." (O'Reilly Media). Courses include detailed presentation slides, hands-on exercises, fully worked out solutions, and materials on a variety of optional special topics. The classroom provides an opportunity to work code and to ask questions. However the materials are also designed to serve as a useful companion long after the course has completed.


These courses are designed for professional software developers, scientists, and engineers. Prior programming experience is assumed and attendees should be comfortable editing files, running scripts, and other facets of using a computer for software development.

What to Expect

Here's what you can expect from a course:


The basic price for a course is $4000/day with a maximum enrollment of 12 students. Additional students can be added for $250/day per student. Instructor travel expenses, if any, are billed extra.

Past Clients

More than 300 training courses have been conducted since 2007. A few notable past clients have included:

Schedule a Course

To schedule a course at your place of business, send an email to dave@dabeaz.com. Classes are typically scheduled 8-32 weeks in advance.

Are you looking for Python training for just yourself or a friend? Check out the Chicago courses which are open to anyone and which offer a completely unique training experience.