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  • 9:30am-5:00pm US Central Time/Chicago


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Instructor: David Beazley

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This a 1-day course from my Advanced Programming with Python series. Other courses in this series include:


When and how should you use classes and objects? In this course, we'll cover the basics including the following topics:

Many courses on objects tend to focus on programming language features. This course is different--our primary focus is on core concepts and how objects can solve practical problems related to problem solving and code organization.

Target Audience

This course is for intermediate programmers who would like to improve their skills with knowing how to write and use Python classes. You should already know the basics of Python built-in datatypes (lists, dicts, sets) and functions. Prior exposure to classes is recommended, but we'll start from the beginning and cover most of the essentials.

Instruction Format

The course alternates between live group discussion and individual coding exercises. There are no powerpoint slides. You should expect to spend about 50% of the time coding and thinking.

About the Instructor

This course is taught by David Beazley. David is known in the Python world as the author of the Python Distilled (Addison Wesley) and Python Cookbook, 3rd Edition (O'Reilly Media). He has also given various conference talks including a few infamous bits of live coding.

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