Covid-19 Course Policy

Last Update: March 17, 2020

Well, life is often unpredictable and travel disruptions surrounding the recent Covid-19 outbreak are no exception. Until further notice, I am offering all of my courses in an online format. Normally, I'd invite you to join me in Chicago at the conference table for discussion, coffee, meals, and a distraction-free coding retreat. However, all of the coffee shops and restaurants are closed and the kids are home from school. Which makes it a perfect setting to take on an intense coding project of some kind. For online delivery, I'm offering a 50% course discount. To make the online experience a little less lonely for all involved, I am also expanding the enrollment limit of each course to 12 attendees.

You can read some of my further thoughts about online delivery here

Note: My courses are intensive and hands-on. They involve a lot of coding and assume your full attention throughout the week. In particular, they are NOT about sitting back and watching me lecture/live code the entire time. Typically, there is a lot of group discussion and interaction back-and-forth. It is not a MOOC and you are not competing for my attention with hundreds of other people. You should only register if you are able to fully commit to working on the course throughout the entire week (40 hours) and being virtually present during the course hours of 9:30am-5:30pm in US Central Time.

Also Note: My classes are intentionally small--usually limited to 6 people attending in-person. The online option is expands the total course enrollment to a maximum of 12 people.

Questions and Answers

Q: How is a course delivered online?

A: Zoom will be used for live presentation, screen sharing, demos, and voice interaction. All other interaction, including code review, debugging, Q&A, and other code-related issues will take place through a shared private GitHub project. This is a live-taught course. Not a video.

Q: Will I receive course materials?

A: Yes, all course materials are electronic and include presentation notes.

Q: Will the session be recorded?

A: Partially. I will make an effort to record portions of the session where I am officially presenting lecture notes. However, significant portions of most classes involve individual coding and and project work. That will not be recorded.

Q: How much involvement is expected?

A: All courses expect active involvement of approximately 40 hours over the course of the week. Each course is taught 9:30am-5:30pm in US Central time with approximately an hour for lunch and an afternoon break. If you are trying to multitask between a course and work, you WILL fail to complete the course project. Make sure you can dedicate your time before enrolling.

Q: How is payment handled?

A: All payment is done through invoicing via Stripe. See payment policies. I have a "no questions asked" refund policy--if you need to cancel for any reason, you will get a 100% refund.