Dabeaz is David Beazley, an independent computer scientist, educator, and researcher with more than 35 years of experience. Dave has been most active in the Python community where he has created various software packages, given conference talks and tutorials, and is known as the author of the Python Essential Reference (Addison-Wesley) and the Python Cookbook (O'Reilly Media). He supports this work by offering a variety of computer science and programming courses.

Upcoming Events

Holiday of Compilers

December 21-January 1, 2021.
ONLINE with David Beazley

Spend the holidays in front of a computer! Write a compiler for a new programming language and learn about a number of interesting technologies including LLVM and WebAssembly. More....

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

January 4-8, 2021.
In Chicago with David Beazley

Shatter your brain into bits as you tackle one of the classic texts of computer science. You'll write mostly Scheme with a bit of Python, implement two Lisp interpreters, and explore the foundations of functional programming. You'll likely never look at programming languages the same way again. More...

Rafting Trip

January 25-29, 2021.
ONLINE with David Beazley

Learn about network programming, concurrency, distributed systems, and more as you tackle the challenge of implementing the Raft distributed consensus algorithm--and likely failing. You'll learn a lot. More....

Advanced Programming with Python

February 8-12, 2021.
ONLINE with David Beazley

Take your programming skills to the next level and learn a lot of Python in the process. More....


The Python Programming Language

Published: August, 2016

In this highly rated video training, David Beazley covers the essential features of Python programming through a series of practical programming examples. The course provides programmers with an accelerated introduction to the essential parts of Python. Those with some previous Python experience will benefit from being exposed to modern Python style and programming idioms used by experienced programmers.

Latest Talks and Tutorials

Lambda Calculus

May 1, 2019
PyCon, Cleveland

Explore the mysterious world of lambda calculus and functional programming. More Tutorials

Closing Keynote: A Talk Near the Future of Python

October 13, 2019
PyCon India, Chennai
video | screencast

A live-coded implementation of simple stack machine that's later turned into a WebAssembly interpreter capable of running a game written in Rust. More Talks